The Pleasures of a Local Patch

Posted by Brian Moscatello on Jan 28th 2021

Many people know their home state's important birding locations.  Some areas, like Cape May, are world-famous and heavily trafficked. Others such as Forsythe N.W.R. near Atlantic City and John He … read more

Zeiss Victory Harpia 22-65X85 Spotting Scope

Posted by Brian Moscatello on Dec 5th 2020

The Zeiss Victory Harpia scopes were introduced to the birding public during the American Birding Expo in September 2018.  The two models, the 22-65x 85 mm and the 23-70x 95 mm, replace the … read more

Best Birding Binoculars Under $200 (Updated July 2023)

Posted by Brian Moscatello on Sep 29th 2020

Pete Dunne's sage advice has always been to buy the best binocular you can afford. He further advises that if you don't have enough for the one you really want, save up until you do. It's more cost-ef … read more

The New Swarovski NL Pure Binoculars

Posted by Brian Moscatello on Sep 2nd 2020

Competition inspires innovation, and there are few fields in which this is more true than consumer optics. In general function, binoculars haven't changed much in a century.  But in ergonomi … read more