In 2008 Scott Weidensaul, David Pritchard, Madeleine Pengelley, Bridget Stutchbury, Kenn Kaufman, Bill McGonigle, and the Wilson family launched the Birds & Beans coffee brand in the US to revitalize the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® shade-grown organic coffee certification and bring a truly 'good coffee' back into the United States. The Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certification is independently considered the best guarantee of environmentally sound, sustainably grown coffee farming. Now by simply drinking the right coffee, coffee lovers can help preserve over 100,000 acres of prime tropical habitat and biodiversity, save birds, family farms and the Earth we all share. Ours is the only US company that solely sells triple certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly®, USDA Organic, and Fair Trade coffee from a B-Certified Roaster.

Coffee & Conservation

For over 100 years full and partial shade farming was the traditional method of coffee production. However the industry's boom resulted in most forests being cleared. Full-sun farms elicit a higher yield and require less management creating bigger profits for CEO's. For migratory birds and local wildlife the result of this is habitat loss. Now less than 40% of coffee farms remain in true shade and organic. The human cost is that many coffee workers must move to find work and fair wages as this increased demand for coffee has led to lowered standards. At Birds & Beans Coffee we pay our farmers the top price for coffee so they can keep growing coffee the old-fashioned way and so they can keep supporting their workers and families. 

At Birds & Beans we believe humanity will flourish if we are simply more friendly; to each other and to the natural world.


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