Swarovski BR Balance Rail


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Swarovski BR Balance Rail

The Swarovski BR Balance Rail is an ideal accessory for your Swarovski ATS/STS or ATX/STX/BTX spotting scope. It accommodates those scopes with or without their stay-on-case, and even with the ME 1.7x It fits Swarovski’s DH-101 and some other heads as well but is ideally matched with the Swarovski PTH. The BR Balance Rail is especially helpful when you are digiscoping because it allows you to rebalance the scope/camera system over the balance point of the head. Using the BR Balance Rail on the Swarovski PTH head, even an ATX 95/ATX Ocular with a DSLR attached by a TLS APO will pan as smoothly as a chocolate truffle.    

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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