Opticron Universal Smartphone Mount


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Product Overview

Opticron Universal Smartphone Mount

The Universal Smartphone Mount USM-2 from Opticron is a handy and functional device that accepts a wide range of smartphones with screen size up to 6 inches and fits many (not all) scopes and binoculars. Of course, it will accommodate all recent Opticron eyepieces (HR2 & 3, HDFT, and SDLv2), but also many others. The stated range is any eyepiece between 31 mm and 55 mm in diameter and at least 2 cm deep. The four rubber-covered curved clamps are tightened with a single knob, making centering your cellphone’s camera straightforward (even Brian can do it!), while a second knob tightens the self-centering 3-pin clamp on your eyepiece.    

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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