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Most of the coffee sold in America today is literally killing the songbirds we love – and destroying a sustainable method of family farming that supports rural communities in Latin America and keeps farm workers and their children away from toxic chemicals. The only way you can be certain that the coffee in your cup is shade grown, organic Bird Friendly® certified is if the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center seal is on the bag!


Every bean sold by Birds & Beans is certified by independent inspectors to meet the rigorous Smithsonian standards. This is a certification based on decades of objective scientific research. Bird Friendly® coffee means that migratory songbirds we know and love have a better chance to survive while on their wintering grounds in the tropics. Sales have doubled year on year since launch. The Birds & Beans brand has been credited with bringing awareness levels of the ‘Bird Friendly®’ coffee certification and the sustainability issue it represents into broader public recognition.



Five reasons to always buy and drink Birds & Beans® Smithsonian Bird Friendly, USDA Organic, Fair-Trade certified coffee:


1. To save Neotropical migrant and local bird species. 
2. To preserve forest and forest-like habitat in Latin America by supporting coffee production methods that have the lowest environmental impact.
3. To protect farm workers and their children and neighbors from exposure to toxic chemicals.
4. To support entire rural communities with jobs and trade via an economically viable farming model.
5. To save healthy microclimates, a buffer against climate change with measurable carbon sinks.
Bonus: Our coffee tastes great!


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